About the Artist

Lon McSherley

What Motivates My Art

I have been oil painting since 1986. My primary style is ‘Realistic Impressionism’, but I often paint in the style of ‘Photo Realism’ or ‘Impressionism’. I love painting scenes from nature in Oil, Pastel or Mixed Media. I travel extensively in the United States and Canada and often paint a scene “En Plein Aire” from a place I visit.

Painting stimulates my senses and allows me an expression of gratitude to my Creator that I experience in no other way. I paint and sell “Original Art.” There will never be another piece of art just like the one I paint. Just as God created and re-creates original scenes in nature every day, so, I look at that scene with my five God-given senses and reinterpret it as an artist in an original way.

My paintings are done in quality materials with ‘Acid Free’ painting and surface in mind. If cared for my oil painting or pastel painting could last for hundreds of years, while being passed from generation to generation. Those thoughts are inspiring to me and adds great meaning to my life. These are the reasons I paint.

I hope you enjoy my art and I thank you for visiting my web home.

Where I Come From

I was born in rural Indiana near the little town of Sulphur Springs; population 300. Our home was surrounded by forest, pasture, farm animals and corn fields. It was here that I learned to value God’s natural world and love for painting things in nature.

I have lived in five states (Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Ohio) and currently reside in North Carolina. I worked in retail grocery management, as pastor of five different churches, and as a landscape artist.

I am married and between us we have 7 children and a growing number of grand and great grandchildren.

Life is good and I am so glad you are visiting this site. Thank you.

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